How Important is Internet Access?

Depending on where you live, Internet access may be somewhat limited. This can cause issues if you have buy viagra online tight deadlines or need to be online for chunks of time. Over the years, I’ve worked through a wide range of weird Internet situations.

First, I would go to the Internet cafe for one hour a day. During this hour, I would apply for jobs and send in my work. Then I would collect my assignments on a diskette (yes, this was a while ago!) and

How Do You Make Money in ____?

working abroadAs a Canadian expat living in Guatemala, I’m frequently asked how I make a living. The answer is, online. I’m a freelance writer by trade and this pays for my family’s living expenses. While I’m not rich by any means, I have a very flexible lifestyle.

I’m a homeschool buy viagra mom and I work from home. This allows me the freedom to raise my three sons and, since my life partner is a musician, he is also home during the day most of the time. In short, we have pretty much the most flexible life available at this point and we

love it.

This blog will cover making money as a freelancer in a foreign country and will address the challenges of trying to make a living abroad, especially if you are not American to begin with. It can be difficult, but thousands of remote workers have managed it. Stay tuned to find out exactly how I and others do it. If you are an expat freelancer or a traveling freelancer, let me know if you’re up for an interview! I’d love to have a variety of perspectives here.